gift artful agenda.

gift artful agenda.

a smart and stylish digital calendar.
inspired by paper agendas.

annual gift rate - $35.00
purchase a code to gift a year of artful agenda!
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syncs with google calendar, ical and outlook


choose your skin, font, colors & more


available in Apple and Google Play stores


purchase a code to gift a year of artful agenda

how it works...

Once you purchase your code, valid for one year of Artful Agenda, you will receive a gift certificate via email. After you gift a code, here is how the lucky recipient can redeem it:

1. Visit
2. Sign up and enter the discount code on the second step.*
3. Download the iPhone or Google Play app to sync account with phone.
4. Start planning in style!

*A credit card will be required due to in-app purchases, but the card will not be charged for the first year of the subscription.

annual gift rate - $35.00

plan artfully.

Artful Agenda combines the fun and personalization of a paper planner with the convenience of a digital calendar. Choose your cover design, pick your handwriting, color code events and personalize with stickers.

make the most of your time.

Paper agenda style monthly, weekly and daily views inspire productivity. With features like priority tasks, meal planning, water tracking, goal setting and so much more! 

stay organized.

Keep track of groceries, packing, gift ideas and more. Check off items, drag and drop their order, add headings and personalize your font. Staying on top of life’s details just got a whole lot easier!

give the gift of productivity

what our customers are saying... 
"I highly recommend Artful Agenda to everyone...not just those who looooove a great planner, but also those who do NOT love scheduling! From Lists you can schedule from, easy and colorful time blocking/scheduling, and my fave, task items you can move and’s pretty much perfect! I am not only more in control but also more productive too!"

- Tabtatha
"An all in one beautiful customization planner on the go. I am thrilled that I've finally found a digital version of the planners I love."

- Amanda
"Finding this was like a dream come true. When I read your "why" it was like I was reading an excerpt from my own story. I LOVE planners and buy them only to use them one or twice bc I always revert back to my phone. I have also struggled with the best way to meal plan for my family - this has solved the problem bc I can add the link to the recipes I want to use which makes it super convenient! Thank you for this awesome product!!!! I'm definitely a HUGE fan!!"

- Keri
"Love this product! Definitely needed this missing gem in my life! So easy and fun to stay organized!"

- Heather